Reviews for "Time Sphere"


Beating this game was a lot of work, frustration and fun. Nice balance between skill, puzzle-solving and action. I hate the falling spikes the most. You don't really notice them until you're dead... I think this is definetly working on better graphics, more responsive controls and a lvl editor feature.

Great work


Good idea for a game

Awesome Game

This is one of the funnest games I've played on Newgrounds today because of the amazing level design. The only issue I have is the difficulty, but aside from that, this is a game that every puzzle lover should try.


So I finally beat it.. As another user had commented I experienced the same issue/glitch with level 23. where the pc will continue running to the left regardless of what you do. Changing the quality does not affect the issue (lag was the first thing that popped into my mind). Restarting the game a few times seemed to fix it.

Fun stuff otherwise. I think it should have been longer, and some of the later levels did seem a bit simple. Level 25 for example was cake compared to earlier levels. I think there is a great deal that could be done with this concept and I look forward to a time sphere 2 if you make it.

Like good old times

I always wondered why it was when you want to smash your computer to the ground cos you're angray cos of a simple game that you like it the most.

Good old fashioned addictive and getting-on-my-nerves-but-want-to-try-
again game !

Eggy responds:

Yeah I love them too. A lot of people are spoilt with games these days that hold your hand and do everything for you.