Reviews for "Time Sphere"

10 for the character

That character was so awesome, the artwork was crisp and whoever drew that is just the sexiest thing alive.

Eggy responds:

You speak the truth


damn finally i beaten this game.... sigh* it was hard because your spikes that alls to the ground got a big area where they can spike you

Good challenge

I love how the sphere can be placed in many different spots and stop the hazards in so many ways. It's great fun trying to figure out more than one way to clear the levels.

If there's a sequel, having time trials or limiting the number of times you can use the sphere would improve the game.


I love this game because although it has arcade like controls, it's not just about quick reflexes and timing jumpings. The levels are quite easy from that point of view if you first take your time to think how and when to use the sphere. Very clever.


the spikes on the roof is so crazy