Reviews for "Time Sphere"

really great concept

it's got that old school style of memorizational difficulty that's just awesome when done right. The only problem here is the jumping mechanic.


Interesting concept but you made many mistakes throughout development...

When you "freeze" something you expect it to be harmless, i understand spikes still killing you ..but bullets ? They no longer have their momentum and should be just little lead pellets, instead they kill you on touch

Exit is like a reward... you have done your job well and you may now proceed to next level.. so please.. add boundaries of the level.. because falling off the ledge just next to the exit is something that players really don't like.

More sounds. When you shoot your.. time-thingy-gun it doesn't make a sound at all, and sphere "explosion" sound is extremelly awful. There is no sound to anything else like jumping, landing on ground beside that and dying..


Beat it in an alternate way

I had a few problems like a couple guys on here. The time sphere gun wasn't working properly for me so I found another way to get through the levels. I got up to level 23 without the use of the sphere gun, it's just a matter of proper timing and precision. I didn't need to use the gun until level 23 when it became too difficult to pass the falling spikes so I started to press random keys on my keyboard while firing the gun until it worked. There's some sort of bug in your game that won't let some users fire it properly the first time, but it'll work eventually.

Overall this game is good even if I had to go without the sphere gun for most of the game.

okay then

the music wasnt annoying but wasnt catchy either.
gameplay and concept was okay.
my comment is just the hitboxes were bigger than the image they display
which kills you most of the time because of wrong perception of its hitbox size

got to level 19

If the time freezer actually stop bullets exactly in the area it turns blue then level 19 would be possible but it doesn't stop bullets exactly. For your effort I give it an 8