Reviews for "Time Sphere"

Nice =)

Great game. The jump is just a bit boring.


totally fun man and really addictive, i didnt want to waste time but this made me!

only thing that was REALLY annoying was the clickable link to funzone, it makes you die

Great game

I played this game on another website and was happy to see it submitted to Newgrounds. At first I thought there was no way to beat Level 8, but the I realized that you had the ability to freeze things! And to think I went through the first seven levels without even knowing I could do that! The graphics are simple, but work very well. I also liked how the main guy just moves around a lot and it takes real effort and thought to defeat the levels, even if they are just one screen. mofunzone is a great sponsor as always.

good game

i have got to level 20 yay!!!!!!!!!!!


i liked it