Reviews for "Time Sphere"


inventive and interesting. i won it but i did it in like 3 chunks. NOW I WIL RULE THE WORLD. HAHAHA! (in 3 different chunks)

Like good old times

I always wondered why it was when you want to smash your computer to the ground cos you're angray cos of a simple game that you like it the most.

Good old fashioned addictive and getting-on-my-nerves-but-want-to-try-
again game !

Eggy responds:

Yeah I love them too. A lot of people are spoilt with games these days that hold your hand and do everything for you.


Only right!only lets me jump and go run right!

good game

i have got to level 20 yay!!!!!!!!!!!


In level 13 there is a bug. I felt right through the moving platform for like 4 times after I collected the key. aside from the buggy collision detection the levels are challenging and fun. Although the levels could use a bit more variation in graphics as well in solving strategies. And in level 13 there is another bug. The moving platform slowly translates to the left, it goes slow but it is visible. This shows that this game isn't really finished and it doesn't feel completely finished as well. I hope you put more effort in your next one because this one is only half work.