Reviews for "Time Sphere"


I like the game. Nice design, fun levels, not to frustrating. I honestly didn't find any of the levels to figure out, just difficult to actually finish at times. My clumsiness. I look forward to more difficult levels. I saw some lag on the later levels, but it was probably due to my computer. Overall, good game!

Really fun and addicting!

I beat all 25 levels, oh yeah!!!

"Dear Sir/Ma'am, I applaud you for beating all 25 levels. You are truly a master at the Time Sphere. If at all in the future they invent these, then you will be prepared and will rule the world. While everyone else will be dying to moving spike balls."

Hahaha, I wish that there was a real time sphere in life. But not those spike balls!!!! :D

Overall 10/10


damn finally i beaten this game.... sigh* it was hard because your spikes that alls to the ground got a big area where they can spike you


nice game


inventive and interesting. i won it but i did it in like 3 chunks. NOW I WIL RULE THE WORLD. HAHAHA! (in 3 different chunks)