Reviews for "Time Sphere"

This is really well designed!!! 8-)

First I must say that this game is great in the fact that it really test if u an use yur brain on the fly. What I liked most about this game though is the slight trickery and deception of this game and level build. Also for those of u that don't pay any attention lvl. 20 is a fools errand in the fact that all u have to do is get the key and jump right over the top. Also if u people would experiment enough u would realize how easy this game is. Lvl. 19 is also possible u just have to stop all the bullets in the beginning, go get the key then freeze time in the middle jumper wait for all guns to fire, jump out of the sphere and complete the level. People please don't mark down peoples game because u lack the mental capabilities or the will to figure something and its to hard. And for people who don't understand how the bullets and guns work I'll explain. It's this simple; the gun can only fire one bullet per shot cycle, so if u freeze a bullet in time that gun will be unable to fire at all i.e. u froze the guns shoot cycle. Please people use yur brains a little for the sake of the game world, because if we complain about how hard games are all the time soon they'll make them so easy that we'll get bored and hate games all together. Great job on this game I was really impressed, but u should make some note that the M key = menu and not mute. 8-)

Eggy responds:

Nice good review :) and you hit nail on head level design, if you take the obvious route its harder, always think outside the box.

just a small BUG

great game, just thought the jump could be more smooth or controlable

BUG= on some maps we need to click near the top, and we are annoy with a popup from the link opening every f'in time...

Eggy responds:

Yeah I'm sorry about that, sponsors choice :S

got to level 19

If the time freezer actually stop bullets exactly in the area it turns blue then level 19 would be possible but it doesn't stop bullets exactly. For your effort I give it an 8


This game is hard and thereis almost no detail of to how the sphere also stops blocks from busting and how it will explode in mid air and not keep going forever. Overall this game sucks but I think the idea is good they should definitaly make another with easier levels.


is very hard and boring