Reviews for "Time Sphere"


damn finally i beaten this game.... sigh* it was hard because your spikes that alls to the ground got a big area where they can spike you

freezer didnt work for me either...

it has potential I think and I was enjoying it but the freezer is just not freexing anythign for me.... (and yes i did use to mouse...ofc)

shame becaues from what other ppl are saying it seems like a fun game...

I do think its a little silly that if u even touch the squasher thing it squashes u even if its going up at the time

Really fun and addicting!

I beat all 25 levels, oh yeah!!!

"Dear Sir/Ma'am, I applaud you for beating all 25 levels. You are truly a master at the Time Sphere. If at all in the future they invent these, then you will be prepared and will rule the world. While everyone else will be dying to moving spike balls."

Hahaha, I wish that there was a real time sphere in life. But not those spike balls!!!! :D

Overall 10/10

Very original!

Oozes more originality than all of the stupid puns in the reviews about their clocks not stopping!

I started the game expecting to simply avoid dangers with time freezing, but man was stopping springs and stopping crates from breaking even more exciting to add to the twist!

I hope you make another, I'm sure you'll come up with even more creative ways, or maybe have the character switch guns to one which speeds up time... gasp! XD

Very cool.

I wish I could actually do that.