Reviews for "Time Sphere"


i had the same problem as the other people who said the freezer didn't work. but once i right clicked the problem was fixed.

Time does not freeze

The game looks fun, but I can't actually freeze the time... it does absolutely nothing.

Eggy responds:

DId you even use the mouse? jesus.

Finished it....but ANNOYING!

Game was fun, and i did take my time to complete it. Only HUGE complaint was that the squsher things kill you if you touch the sides of it, and that dosent make sense. Also the boucing spike balls seem to have a bigger hitbox then the sprite is showing.

But overall good game 8/10


So I finally beat it.. As another user had commented I experienced the same issue/glitch with level 23. where the pc will continue running to the left regardless of what you do. Changing the quality does not affect the issue (lag was the first thing that popped into my mind). Restarting the game a few times seemed to fix it.

Fun stuff otherwise. I think it should have been longer, and some of the later levels did seem a bit simple. Level 25 for example was cake compared to earlier levels. I think there is a great deal that could be done with this concept and I look forward to a time sphere 2 if you make it.

froze up yourself

i dont like this game and game is realy boring....