Reviews for "Time Sphere"

Ugh... uh... hmmm...

I don't really no what to think. The controls were a little shabby. And it was way to hard. Instead of making the first two levels really easy, and then the rest impossibly hard. Make the game gradually get harder. So players will want to keep playing it instead of get irritated and stop playing.
Also why was the mute button 'S'? I would accidentally pressed it thousands of times while I was playing. And that was kind of annoying.
Well this game could certainly use some work. The game was incredibly frustrating and tough. But I have to give you props for the music though.

ok could be better

It's good but not great. The idea is sound, but the game itself needs quite a bit of polishing.

I found real issues with the controls. It seems like the only options are a full paced run and a super jump, which can make it difficult at times to do what you need to do. The jump height should not be predetermined, and the character should accelerate forward, rather than instantly moving at full speed.

I also had issues with the sphere timing. It should be possible to jump between breakable blocks, freeze each one as you go, rather than the way it currently is.

I dont know...

its sorta boring...


could be better... It's good, but not great


I like it, simple gameplay mechanics. That's it, I love games like this, but the time sphere seemed to make certain levels too easy when I was able to get all the turrets to hit one sphere and then just avoid them.