Reviews for "Time Sphere"

great but hard

i loved it but i think the difficulty on 24 was a bit much

I like it.

Music reminds of a factory or something, game rocks.

Pretty good

Kind of like portal, but the fact that the spheres are so limited makes it frustrating. Maybe in the sequel, you should add two at a time...

pretty fun

Please make keys adjustable. I like my jump to be spacebar.

Great suff

Well done, I played this all the way through and thought it was really good. If I'm totally honest the graphics and gameplay weren't as good as some of the games on here, but the whole concept of the game was so refreshing that it didn't matter. I love the way that the spheres can be used for so many different things, not just holding the hazards back. I'd love to see a sequel - perhaps with slightly better graphics? Thanks very much.