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Reviews for "Worm Land"

great concept, but unbalanced

You are definitely onto something here. I really enjoyed the game, but I did find it pretty unbalanced. I have several suggestions and I think you could make a dynamite sequel.

1. Increase the size of the planet, giving more room to maneuver and explore
2. Have the mini worm powerups spawn every few seconds or so, instead of all at the beginning. Kindof a waste to get healies when you are already full from the start.
3. Have more types of powerups
4. Have a more configurable worm (length, appendages perhaps)
5. Seriously consider lowering the power of the enemies around level 5, they are simply too strong, considering there is no way to damage them without getting damaged.

I think you have the makings of an excellent game with a totally new concept. Any new idea is going to need tweaking. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing a playable sequel or some updates on this one that fix these issues.

Fun, Kept me busy

But if the game stops running after day 17 does that mean I beat it? DW/WL MAster! I see a sequel. Some new power ups maybe. A few new enemies. Good game.

Great game!

I feel sorry for you that people who don't know how to play the game are giving you horrible reviews! I strongly suggest to have a tips/tricks page because your game doesn't deserve some of these negative reviews. This game is actually pretty easy if you just use your noggin a little! You can't jump straight out of the planet and leave yourself so vulnerable for so long people!... Try smaller jumps! Another good thing to do is to wait for the upgrades. Every time you leave the planet a new upgrade will spawn within seconds. After you use and upgrade, stay beneath the planet for a few seconds and wait for the next upgrade! Also, try maxing out the worms damage and a few points in health first.

If anything, this game could use a harder difficulty. Add a tips page also and you have a great game! It's pretty funny to read some of these complaints...

Fun game, wonder why all the complaints

How are people complaining that this is too hard? I'm on Day 18, and I've only had to replay a few levels. This game is a lot of fun, the controls are a bit hard to get used to at first, but once you get the hang of them (use the mouse) it's cake. Well, until the green orb shooting ships and robo-worms start attacking. Either way, I'm highly enjoying it.

To those having a problem, I suggest

#1 - Using the mouse, if you're not already.
#2 - Jack up your health first, forget about speed and everything else, health is most important, next damage, and speed last.
#3 - Don't neglect the powerups. You can just circle inside the planet without worrying about being attacked (at least on the lower levels), and wait for powerups to spawn. Try not to eat the little health worms until you need them.

Good luck!


wow nice game. good balance, manie enemies, manie buildings with different health. bosses, good game play, nice usefull powerups, nice upgrade's .. has it all!

I had to figure out the final boss though I was a bit oblivious to its rear end, I though I had to get him through the center. when I figured it out it was doable.

I dont understand the haters. so what that its based on an existing game, really there are hunders of flash games based on another game who cares about that seriously.

very nice game, maybe a tad to easy, but that is actually also nice, so next time you could implement level modes.. easy normal hard

no comments on the rest 9/10 5/5