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Reviews for "Worm Land"

over all a decent game

but the difficulty goes from none at all to damn near impossible in lin two levels ya need to fix that or at the very least make it where ya can redo earlyer levels and build your stats

Nice idea for a game

I liked the game, took me almost an hour to finish it, it was really chalenging and fun to play, specially the last boss that took me like half an hour to figure out how to kill the damn thing and at least 20 tries, the only thing I didn't like it was the "simplicity" of the game, so to say, the planet is too small, I know it makes it more chalenging and fun, but still is a problem in my opnion and there are few upgrades and bosses, even though I think more bosses would be suicide in this game.

Either way I liked it, chalenging and fun to pass the time, different than most things I've seen around lately, and the graphics were nice too, maybe it some more work and a few new things it would score higher among the other players, but anyway, it's part of my favorite games now, keep up the good work.


Controls were a bit inaccurate. The armoured robots that are "slightly tougher" are "a lot tougher". The game was slightly addictive so I gave you points for that. Though I bailed when the armoured robots showed up. The upgrade screen could use a tutorial. Or simply a window explaining you can only pick ONE upgrade since that's what it seemed to me. On first impression I though I could pick several using the points I had gained.

pretty decent, but drawbacks

i can see how its a fun game, but even early on it can get quite unfair, and without an option to wipe your upgrades incase you want to go a different route is more than annoying.


Well the principle of the game is nice, but in my opinion the control is a "bit" inaccurate