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Reviews for "Worm Land"

Sweet, controls could be better

Great game but both control types dont work perfectly. Fun, but not perfect. Gets hard, but that is a plus


People seem like they are getting frustrated and giving up, but its a great game, and for those who asked you kill the boss by hitting him in his red glowing weak point on his ass, and then when he has no more red asses, make him jump out of the planet then his back opens up and his final weak point shows

Good game concept

I love the concept, the controls are fairly clean, but the game fails at a couple points. You can't reset your upgrades or upgrade your worm by replaying levels. This means if you made bade choices on what to upgrade early on you're screwed. Additionally most games like this allow you to gain XP of some kind by replaying levels. There is no real reason to replay a level in this. As I said the concept is great. Controls good. Graphics and music are all good. The upgrade system makes the game unplayable.

very dissapointing

at first it seemed like a good game but after the first level and only being able to upgrade one thing kinda sucks. i got to day 3 and couldnt beat it, tried to go back to an easier level and then not being able to upgrade just killed the game, to sum it all up, it sucks

its great but difficult

like unnecisarily hard
perhaps a better upgrade system might remedy this
instead of having one point to spend between levels, there should be like an experience point system: you earn a number of points for each kill, and the points stack up, and purchase upgrades from those points, so if you get stuck on a level, you can go back a to an easier level, earn points, and upgrade so you can have a better chance
because as it stands, if you're stuck on a level, your stuck, there's no way around it
other than that, this is pretty great