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Reviews for "Worm Land"

Great game but..

IT's really hard once you get far. i can't get past day 18, second day with the robo-worms, not enough health, atleast there actually is but if you're trying to get the robo-worms dead you're going to eat up all the health before you need it manuvering the stage plus if and when you get all FOUR of them dead, there's an entir4e clusterfuck of enemies on the surface, and by now you have no health regen left and lirium is probably down to 50% or so. I like a challenge but DAMN.

Otherwise great game though.

Addicting xD

The health larvae fact bothers me since i cant really avoid eating them when at full health.

Decent Game

Decent game. The controls were really awkward though. While you could do some awesome circles in the dirt, it was hard to move and eat little guys (half the time the worm would just jump out and get shot at an eat nothing), and made the worm move in a choppy way. Also the upgrade system is very limited. The max limit for everything is very low. A better upgrade system would make the game better. Maybe like huge spikes so that when you cruise the surface you can scratch the enemy up a bit. Still a good game with great graphics. Just need some tweaking.


The only reason why I got angry at this game was because you couldn't start over, and/or re-administer upgrade points. Another thing that was only a little pestering was the fact that you ate the small worms no matter what condition your health was in.

Other than that, there weren't any outstanding problems. the controls were very solid. I liked how you mad a minimum circle-turn limit, to stop the game from being too easy.

5/5, but 9/10 because of the upgrade situation.

This game needs.

1. Better controls

2. the possibility to change your upgrades after you applied them.

I couldnt get trough the level with the fire in the middle, never managed to kill those robots with 2 damage upgrades. also the times when I touched the fire because of the unresponsive and clunky controls just made me rage.