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Reviews for "Worm Land"

Original gameplay, difficult and very good

My main complaint is that the little worms, which can be used for healing, abound at the beginning of the level (when you don't need them) and later pretty much disappear. It would be nice if either they kept appearing occasionally (although there are other health bonuses later on) or the worm wouldn't eat them when it's at full health.
Another suggestion, can the mouse icon be enlarged? I often lost track of it and even went out of the game screen, which made me lose control.
Except for these issues, gameplay is original and good, there is enough variety of enemies to make it interesting and bonuses to enjoy. A really good game!


good graphics, easy game play and a simple story.


The controls appear easy at first, but they are actually frustrating to master. Pro-tip, enlarging the frame allows you better control over the worm and slows things down a little bit.
Nice game, but limited upgrades? =(

Fun as, but hard

Its so Awswome but i rated 9 because its to hard but however made this is a FLASH PRO im not kidding how did you make that many lvls with awswome grathics?