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Reviews for "Virtual Handgun"


Pretty cool actually. I think you should add more guns though cause once you unlocked the other 2 guns there isn't really anything left to do in the game except mabye fire the Glock 18... witch btw made me able to get the DE really quickly. But like its been said it only holds your attention for about 2 minutes total. Great gadet though =)

It's fun for a few minutes

This isn't really a game though. It's a gadget, there is no real game to it. It's just firing a gun. Which is okay, just not a game.

For your next game you could get semi-automatics. Even better yet; sniper rifles! :D

I like this

Excellent time wasting device, this is. I'd also like to see more complicated guns. Perhaps magnums, shotguns, smgs, mgs. Lots of potential with lots of historical guns out there. Hmmm, what if you applied this to a flintlock musket? That would be interesting to go through the steps to reload.

Not bad

This one was pretty good :) I would like to see you do a sequel. :)

nothing to do

it had good animation, but you have nothing to do and its an ipod app. but you could try making something to shoot at and something besides pistols because it was the same thing every gun