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Reviews for "Virtual Handgun"


seems bland after a while, but cool :3 i liked it!


Exellent deatail. Though there isn't much to do and once you played the lot thats it.
I would sudgest making mini games like "how fast you can reload the gun" or actually making it into a type of "gun pet" game where to can shoot a couple of rounds and then take it apart and clean it put it back together then give it a polish.
I don't know i reckon that'ed be sweet.

I have an idea

Let's put all my homework on the left of my monitor and test this game until im bored.

I love guns!

This is my kind of game, man!


hey, can you do a rifle one?


how bout a knife one? just kidding, but what about a rifle one? let me know when that comes out.

Evilbright responds:

Haha yeah a knife one would be boring. I have a big thing for handguns. That's the major reason why I made this. I may add some extra features sometime but I doubt I'll add rifles right now. I'll let you know if I do. Thanks for the review!