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Reviews for "Virtual Handgun"

sick game

make more guns like an m4a1,an ak-103,a mossberg 500,a remington700 and a .357 magnum....btw,keep up the great work man!!!

Perfect virtual touch

Very good with audio and realistic looks.
Love that grenade that is like a flash bang

Great game, man!

Liked it very much!

Also, like the others say: Next time add machineguns, snipers etc...

(Loved the grenade!)

i want moar!

i gotta say i agree with the people who say there should be smgs rifles etc i would like to see that and to people who say this isnt fun because theres nothing to shoot at its a simulation not a full game no offense to them its your choice whether you like stuff or not


Its pretty good not very many guns though, I hope you make another....o and on the back of the c1911 it lights up but does nothing.