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Reviews for "Virtual Handgun"


This is quality work. With amazing detail, simple way to use it, and good sound.
I have some suggestions for a follow up:
-Possibly upgraades, like extended clips, silencers, and style upgrades (like a pimped look in army of two) that's bought through exchanging shots fired for the upgrades.
-different weapons, like a mini-uzi, scorpion, etc.
-I'd suggest keeping to smaller weapons because assault rifles always look weird for these types of 'games'

Hope this helps.
Thank you for an amazing submission.


This is awesome. As a gun lover, I thoroughly enjoyed it and reccomend a game combining all types of guns, including these handguns. Very nice.

This calls for an arsenal

I thought this flash was cool. You should make different kinds of Vitual flashes as well: SMGs, rifles, shotguns, maybe even reloadable explosives or other things like that. Maybe even sequels to said flashes with more firearms. With the skill that you put into this flash, the only thing that should limit your ability with these kinds of flashes are the number of guns in existence.


Not technically a game, but that won't stop me from linking to it next time i have to do a presentation for work.


You seem to have done your homework. the models are very detailed and accurate to the real thing, recoil is shown well enough that you can pretty much feel the gun firing, though the DE seems to be a bit lacking... Ah, and the pineapple is pretty fun, but you should've done a bi tmore with it. Like throw it.

All in all, pretty neat. Looking forward to part 2.