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Reviews for "Virtual Handgun"

Pretty boring.

Uh, what was that?

All kinda pointless... But I guess it's good to keep you entertained. For two minutes.

They all worked the same way, although, I guess it was pretty cool to go through the reloading and stuff.

Oh, haha, and I got the grenade. xD


I haven't once fired a shot in my life, but I swear this flash made me want to take a gun in my hand. Then dismantle and reassemble it several times. Amazing pieces of machinery.

Neat stuff

Really good. I liked how you blurred the gun when it fires. In fact I played something like this be4 except that you couldn't pull the trigger or reload. It just played. But this is cool. Just wish the guns didn't all work in almost the same ways. Could add some special individual features to some of the guns.

Some gun ideas.

The Mauser C96. (Also Known as the Red9 from Resident Evil, or Chinese Type 7 from MGS3.)
Any kind of Revolver.
Bolt Action Rifle?
Just dont get too big with the guns, or to complicated.

I give this "Game" a 10/10 and a 5/5.

neat and good

this is just...great
it's neat and cool.
However what's the purpose of the back part of G25?
when i click it nothing happens..