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Reviews for "Virtual Handgun"

Entertaining To An Extent

Fun for a while. However I believe this game should be put into the Gadgets section.


Whats the point? i hate iphone apps and this demonstrates why... "hey guys lets click a screen for pointless reasons and shoot at nothing, adapt to no story and finish it in five minutes tops." youre getting a two for your art.

Hah. Cute.

Improvements? Maybe some more types. Virtual revolver, Virtual AR15. Virtual Mauser 98. Virtual Remington 870. Virtual hand grenade. Virtual Grenade launcher. These could get REALLY interesting.

Maybe accessories for the guns. 33 round mag for the Glock 18, or even aftermarket drum mags, lasers, lights, or different color variations for the guns.


awesome game!!

after playing i was :o

Its cool