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Reviews for "Virtual Handgun"

Ohh no a problem

Where am i supposed to buy a gun in mah country.
Im doomed lol.

Nice work tho.
Next time add PSG1,AK-47 and a SPAS12 :P

not a bad distraction

the g18 has 17 bullets i think :S

there should be a reload

nice stress relever

its a great way to relive stress with out hurting some one

Fun, but gets old.

Crisp presentation, nicely illustrated and great sounds. I can't help but wonder, have you been playing CS:S lately?

I liked it

Very technical. I had wished you had more than pistols in it. The nade was a nice touch though. I think I'd have loved it more if it had something to shoot the guns at after reloading though, like a target range or something. Any chance of a PSG-1 making it into the mix?