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Reviews for "Virtual Handgun"


almost like a real gun
also, you should make more things like this, like virtual SMG, machine gun, shotgun, rifle, revolver, and others
keep up the good work man, this is fun

not bad

For future projects id love to see a machine gun genre.

Just something about an M-16 firing that sounds incredible.

I can see who this is made for...

This is made for someone like me, who is interested in guns and likes to get close up with them. That's why I like this. Anyone who gives this a bad score because there is no point does not know what they are doing. This is just an interesting thing that you might want to play a few times. It's not meant to be an action game. You wouldn't play an action game and complain that you can't talk to normal NPCs (characters that are just there). You wouldn't play an RPG and complain that there are no explosions. This game isn't meant to be a big action game. Those two guys below me don't know what they are talking about. Obviously the game wasn't for them.

Now, there are things I don't like that make sense. I would have liked to have more guns. However, I can understand that the creator probably didn't have access to a huge amount of guns so let's move on. Now it's cool to be able to load a gun but I want to do more. I want to be able to examine to bullets. I want to take apart the gun and have to clean it. I want tips on using guns. If you every make a sequel, I recommend doing those things. Also, the sound is very good and I appreciate your hard work.


If I had something to shoot or aim to it would have been a game now its just "how does a gun shoots and how does the blowback looks like" make it into a game because now it is pointless. srry keep trying


You really could have put more effort into this. The animation is great but there is NO POINT WHATSOEVER! You just click the different parts of the gun to do stuff. There's no point in putting on a silencer; it looks cool, but that's it. That basically sums up the game in a sentence. Pointless Coolness. You're not even shooting at anything!! It's just stupid. I don't even care what the extra after 500 rounds is. Someone is just going to get as far as unlocking the G18, get bored and go away. Make an effort next time.