Reviews for "Quincy"


That was good but the voice acting was a tad bad, overall i give you an eight because it was funny but it just took so long to get funny for me

fluffkomix responds:

yea well, its like the shaggy dog joke.


The animation was rough but the sound was good. I didn't think much of it until i saw the ending. Well done!

fluffkomix responds:



I have a couple questions...

How does this only have 2,000 views and FP? I'm guessing the icon is unattractive.
And how does it get FP about 20 days after you submitted it?
The cartoon was okay. I didn't laugh but the guy rolling was pretty well. But again the perspective was off. and shading would help a little bit.

fluffkomix responds:

well thats just the way the cookie crumbles.

now since the race had no apparent prize, i get bragging rights :D

also it had 400 or so views before it got front paged.


the end was the best.
The voice acting could use work.
overall, pretty good.

fluffkomix responds:

the people have spoken thus far:

VA needs work


his vouce was to high pitched and dont make fun of ampute people altough you can laugh at them but not make fun :)

fluffkomix responds:

your logic confuses me.