Reviews for "Quincy"

I can't believe I forgot to review this :P

first of all. It was funny, second of all the animation was REALLY smooth, third of all it had good flow. One complaint is that once or twice the animation was a bit wierd, but that's all. I hope to see some more of your stuff ;D

P.S. best ending ever, now I know that there won't be a sequel :D ...unless...

fluffkomix responds:

no zombies.

I'm going to hell.

Before it started, I cracked up laughing at the title. The second it started I was like O_O damn. Then throughout it...I just couldn't stop laughing.

Title says it all: I'm going to hell. Thanks, fluffko.

fluffkomix responds:

i try

love it

how this got on the front page, well never know BUT if it wasnt I wouldenteve never found this great flash nice job son:)

fluffkomix responds:



This is a great animation the voices is great also.
But the sounds of walking and stuff kinda suck

fluffkomix responds:

all found on flashkit or findsounds.com

im too lazy to make my own.

Shit terrible.

Worst piece of crap I've ever seen. Good job Nick :P

fluffkomix responds: