Reviews for "Quincy"


I thought this was humorous for what it was. And to everyone whining about it being front paged, it's up to Tom on what gets front paged or not, views and reviews don't matter. One day the daily first was a flash with a score of 1.2 and had 200 views.

Anyways, now that my pointing out the obvious is over. I enjoyed the flash. It was funny enough that a quadruple amputee could get on a surfboard at all XD

Good work.

fluffkomix responds:

i left that mystery open to the philosophers.

nicly animated

a bit dodgy at spots, but no ones perfect, did you have to make quincy out of entire circles or like sections of circles?

fluffkomix responds:

well he wanted nothing but circles but i was allowed to use a section for the nose


hahaha what tha fuck man???
poor guy... but sweet!
The animation is not that great, but the
work with the voices was awesome..
Good job
PS. I agree with kantoken,, this could be a great
series idea.

fluffkomix responds:

lol ive been hearing just the opposite. good animation with bad voices.


The way that Quincy moves around was cruel and funny at the same time :P

fluffkomix responds:

it was cute in my eyes.


Damn, I just looked through your old stuff man, and boy have you improved. This is really awesome man. High to the five. Great use of the class project rules.

fluffkomix responds:

tee hee, i feel accomplished