Reviews for "Quincy"

umm, ok...

lots to work on. but why does he look naked? and his arms and legs looks like tits?

fluffkomix responds:

sheesh you're probably the tenth person to point out that his stumps look like tits.

horny bastards.

94 Diskont

It's hard to give a good rating to this, unfortunately. I don't hate it, but objectively, it falls flat on every level. The "quadriplegic amputee" idea is most likely either taken from Nameless character, either inconsciously inspired by, which, in both cases, thus not an original concept. The comedy was dull. There are barely jokes about the fact he's paraplagic. And the final "joke" is not even based upon that ! A joke that slices off the guy's head ? Maybe I fail to see the humour there, sorry if I do, but I anyway that's not really funny in the context. I mean, why would you need a paraplegic amputee for that joke ? You could have used a mentally retarded albinos that wouldn't have changed anything.

As for the animation, it's alright, you worked on that at least, albeit the drawing is poor. And use a best voice actor, the voices sounded so unmotivated.

fluffkomix responds:

the main joke about him slicing the guys head off is a subconscious one where if you think about it long enough you'll realize that since he has no arms or legs, he has no need to balance, and therefore he can't fall off, or maneuver the surfboard.

i agree with the review below mine

but I'm pretty sure the amputee wasn't quadriplegic because that refers to partial or total paralysis resulting in the loss of use of all limbs and torso not amputation and if that was a joke it wasn't funny

fluffkomix responds:

quadriplegic amputee sounds funnier than just amputee.

very very very

average.. needed more storyline at least more than "hey lets go to the beach oh he's dead now..." Yeah that's funny. You at least get one point because the animation of quincy movin around was alright.

fluffkomix responds:

everyone loves the floppage.