Reviews for "Quincy"

Graphical violence is funny, but...

...there's always a "but"!

You're making nice looking stuff lately, your FBF stuff is looking nice and it's all lots more polished and overall, better, although you're experimenting with new perspectives and stuff, you really should of practice a bit more on human anatomies and perspective on it (in spanish, it's called "escorso" but I don't know how it goes in english), as some od the FBF turns out to be very inconsistent from time to time.

The timing and storytelling something you should work on too, as the whole setup of "hey, let's go to the beach" "ok" "everyone ready" "yes" is extremely artificial, and could've used a bit more of overacting. Still, the ending made me laugh, but if you're gonna make something so HappyHaryish, you gotta make sure it's much more graphical, the guys head sliced in two is good, but you should make cephalic matter come out of his ears, and bit's of brains scrambles around, go crazy dude, it's supposed to be!

fluffkomix responds:

more graphical is a good idea. i might update the fla when i get home

Bit lacking

Bit sloppy animated and the voices were kinda off "character", but then again, people on this site is fucking genius on drawing and it's really hard to reach their "level".

It was a enjoyable clip, comedy made up for the sloppy animation etc.
Nice vid man!

fluffkomix responds:

i'm slowly working my way up to them. probly reach their level in like 3-4 years hopefully, but only with immense amounts of practice.

It was ok

I have to agree with Snaer. The idea is funny (I'd love to see this turn into a series) and the animation is ok as well.

fluffkomix responds:

i dont want a series. i want something i can just throw out there into through the mesh curtain of newgrounds and let it fall until it hits the trash can. then start over again.

rinse and repeat.


the end was the best.
The voice acting could use work.
overall, pretty good.

fluffkomix responds:

the people have spoken thus far:

VA needs work


his vouce was to high pitched and dont make fun of ampute people altough you can laugh at them but not make fun :)

fluffkomix responds:

your logic confuses me.