Reviews for "Quincy"

such a beautiful story

Your movie was so deep and powerful, I cried at the end.

fluffkomix responds:

why thank you. i tried to keep up the atmosphere of intense drama thruout the entire film.






fluffkomix responds:

:D !!!

Flipped the joke

i thought it was like that joke i heard once about a quadraplegic amputee that was lying on a beach, an old man approached him and said "ohhhh, poor turtle... i'll get you back where you belong"... and then he trew him to the sea...
yeah, its not a good joke when i tell it .. lol
but the point is... i liked this flash, and it was unnexpected for me, lol

fluffkomix responds:

haha, i should spread that one around.

That is so wrong...

but it made me laugh. i love the way you make him move around lol

fluffkomix responds:

everyone loves the floppage. there was even a guy who said he wouldve given me a 0 but he loved the way quincy moved.


awesome ending

fluffkomix responds:

tee hee