Reviews for "It's about time..."

hmm just one thing

only complaint I have is that it is too short, but then again if it was longer It would prolly be too silly to retain my attention

Taranos is right

I think Taranos said it best, so I'll simply say that I second his/her opinion. This was interesting, and I like that you put thought into it. Well done.


yeah i watched it three time and i get better now

Same as what the others wrote

It didnt make much or any sense at all to me neither in the beginning (just like the Bueno Vista flash, so double-time a big "WtF!?!?"), good thing you explained in your comment, which for me and probably for a bunch of others made this short flash from a big flop to a great, meaningful piece of work. Good work friend.

P.S. I love the song...it sounds somehow familiar....just love it.

well done

didnt quite understand at first but then i read the comments and it all seems so clear... very nice i liked it