Reviews for "It's about time..."

Very nice

i enjoyed that a lot. calming and trippy.


And it's enlightening. Like you've said. Sometimes, out prior actions have a way of stealing things we want most. I can see that in the flash. And I think my life has proven your point. Good flash.

YOu guys are too harsh..

I dont think you really see the point of this flash.. I guess all you people want to see is gore and/or violence or possibly humor. The animation was great, He explained what this flash was in the description and Im sorry if you didnt understand it. I for one think that it is pretty good. I didnt like the music though.. you could have put a more ominous tune to suit the flash..


Loved the concept

Interesting illustration of our self thou the animation is still on a low level. Kinda short but it got the message through.

I want purple purple rupee!
oh noes cant have 50 rupees and eat the other cake.


I like the "whoolyness" of 'our' ghosts.