Reviews for "It's about time..."

I like the idea.

I watched it first without reading the description which is completely my fault. Once I read it, I watched it again. It's a pretty cool idea and the song is nifty but it's very short. It appears to me like you worked hard on some things and blew right through others. The hand and the little rupee materializing was pretty cool but the ghosts kinda looked...a bit too cartoonie. It would be more effective if the ghosts looked more horrific and spooky. That and some added length. Otherwise, I like it. Congrats on the Front Page and welcome back.

HandsomeJake responds:

You noticed I was gone! How sweet...

This isn't too bad...

Looked kind of cool, and if you made another in the future that was longer, and varied a bit more, I'd give that a higher rating. However, right now, this isn't that great, and I don't think that this should really be on the front page

dont review this vid unless u read authors comment

stop fucking reviewing this vid and giving it a 1 and saying, "idk wtf this was about or if it was supposed to be deep" or other bullshit, read the authors comments u fucking morons, he explains it. anyway good job on the vid, its fine that its short, it has a good meaning and its too the point, ty. keep it up.

Very trippy.

I liked it - well done!


I hate to give this a bad score, and you do show some potential. Its only that newgrounds prowlers like, well, a plot. Or at least a comprehensible flash. Keep working on your technique and I'm sure you will improve. Congratulations on making the front page!