Reviews for "It's about time..."

Read the ratost comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was gonna give ua 1 and insult the hell out of u. But i like ur explanation for ur flash and makes sense. U geta ten man. Good work dnt let ignorant comments stifle ur creativity.


...I liked it. It does it's purpose and it's a nice take on what the artist comented on. Anyone can relate.

Sorry, but no dice...

(note, this review has spoilers!... If you can call it that)

I apologize if this is suposed to be something "deep" and have some simbolism in it, but I just didn't get it... The animation was... well, the ghosts moving, I guess.

The hand seemed to be trying to reach for a rupee, then a ghost comes and takes the rupee. Aparently, he needed the extra money to buy the bow and arrow from the store. The hand then is... cut by some reason, and it seems like it has pink blood.

I only give it a 1 because the rupee-eating ghost made me laugh a bit. Try harder next time.

i do have spome thoughts

first off, i give it a 5 because i feel like the abstractness of it deserves some credit. that being said... to me, being an artist means capturing an ideal, in a way that both interests the viewer and can be interpreted in a number of ways that can hit a multitude of audiences. this does neither. this is my opinion, if the piece strikes a nerve in you and you think it deserves more credit then maybe it does, but not without speculation.

Meh, it was okay

Graphics were nothing special, and it was rather short.
There's potential, but you just didn't put enough work into it for it to truly stand out.