Reviews for "It's about time..."

i get what you mean


It's a good thing you included an explanation

Otherwise, I would not have gotten what this was supposed to be about. The artwork itself was pretty impressive, however, the storyline of sorts... I remember having always been taught that if you have a piece of art that you are trying to show to people and you have to actually explain what it means, that you didn't do a good job conveying your idea, and I think that was the case here.

HandsomeJake responds:

That sounds kinda shallow to me.

What's yer grade?

let us know what grade you got on this. I like that even though it was brief and kind of abstract in form, there is a meaning behind it. But remember, I don't know what class this is for, but if your making videos your audience needs to be explained too in the video. If you ever make something else, try to give explanation with-in the video. Other than that, I like the art itself, and the animation. Lengthen it up and add some context. And your rating is at 2.22... I don't know why but that number follows me I swear, 222 that is. Well good luck and happy holidays yo! PEACE OUT!

HandsomeJake responds:

I got an A+...though I do go to community college.

got ya

ok that made no sence but then i read your comment sooo
its not bad nice metafore thing (hope thats the right word to use....)

No sugar coating.

I like the creativity in this, and how deep you put it. This alone cannot make a flash though. This was simple animating being put together in a 20 second time frame. I'm know you've got some great talent (Cardboard City among my favorite flashes) so don't think I'm destroying you here.
What I would rather see is something with more length in it, and that really wouldn't need the description in the Author Comment section.