Reviews for "It's about time..."


It wasnt bad, it had a meaning and a special ambience to it.
I dont get why people rate 2 stars just because its short.

against what others may write....

i really like it :)

I thought this would be wonderful...

...but I disappointed. The name gave a view of a good animation, but I really disappointed. Usually I love weird and no-point-animations, but this didn't go down on me. The length was poor and the music was weird also.

I hope you can make more interesting and longer animations. I'm just thinking, how this got to the front page...

You get your 2 points from me only from the good animating skill.


monty python all over again

HandsomeJake responds:

My professor compared it to that as well.

Not the place for it.

I'm going to respect an attempt to make a meaningful, metaphorical flash, but It bears saying that so much weird shit on Newgrounds is here just for the sake of being weird that it's really hard to detect when a flash is sending a message, or just trying to freak you out or look pretty.

I didn't really catch the metaphor, specifically because I thought it was one of the aforementioned flashes just trying to freak me out. Also, frankly, it's really hard to glean anything from such a brief message- it's like trying to find sentence structure in two-word company mottoes.