Reviews for "It's about time..."

lol...lame? maybe?

dont hate on me cause of meh low score, but dude, it was really terrible, it has interesting or hard work values, even the turd of the week is better then this, seriuosly guys, the turd of the week now is much better then most turds, or other vis ive seen. anyway, its like really lame, just some ghostys stealing a gem then chopped a hand? that aint right, soooo...idk more imagine.


That sir was the finest flash animation I have ever had the pleasure of watching, now I know there are folks out there that would try to take cheap shots at you for not uploading a conventional stick fighter or hentai. But hey we all gotta take it a little more.



Seems like there's some big controversy over this one. I watched it and it's an interesting little animation, pretty much full of symbolism. A lot of it is up to the viewer to interpret too, which is never a bad thing.

So I don't think it deserves a 0, however I don't think it deserves a perfect score of 5 either. There are little things that I think could be touched up a little to make it better. The music quality seemed very scratchy to me, and some of the lines were hand drawn and appear very shaky, a little optimization may be beneficial.

I'm just trying to rate fairly here and offer some pointers, take it or leave it.

I think...

That people dont appreciate that you're trying to use symbolism and an artistic point of view. If its not a parody or comedy, people are generally unhappy because they have to have everything pointed out to them.

It doesnt need to have a plot. Its art.

I like how simple it is. Way to go =)


live it learn it understand IT.