Reviews for "It's about time..."


It is simple but simplicity does not preclude depth. Ghosts of one's past can consist of many things. An action one feels guilt about, perhaps something that was a scarring experience like an accident or the death of a close person, all of these and more can amount to the haunting "spirit" that can really strongly affect one's outlook.
Not an animator, but I'd guess that the effort that went into this was neither too little or too much given the topic, but rather it touches on the topic without spending too much time on it which is easily just as irritating as not spending enough time on something.
The audio gives good ambience as well

Yes a 9

I give you a nine because I do understand the concept of the piece because I too have these "ghosts" from my past preventing me from reaching the things I desire most. As for the animation... I'm not much of an animator myself mainly cause I'm too lazy, but I do think theres room for improvement, other than that I totally understood your concept.


I like all the thought you put into this, I don't care for it being short, it looks like some fair bit of work was put into this so good job

lazy people

the audience is getting lazy ... there is so much room for interpretation but you people don't want to think about what you saw and what happened with yourself! the artist was nice enough to write down the meaning of his conceptual work but you still don't want to think about it. all that you want is cheap entertainment!

ps: i really like it! one thing i want to criticize are the ghosts. "The ghosts represent all of our...well, ghosts." this is a bit to ... kitschy and simple for me! but maybe that's just your style. and i hate to say this but it could have been longer to intensify my impressions. nonetheless it is a good animation!


Loved the music! Pretty trippy and that's great! It's so nice to get a nice short flash every now and then.

Please note that I'm high while writing this review, however...