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Reviews for "Here Goes Nothing!"

nice work Sabby

keep it up, you're going places, and congats on the tablet!

Sabtastic responds:

Thanks man!! <3
Probably one of THE best things ever to happen to me, not gonna lie. You guys rock.

ya for sure u should definately do flash

u got the right stuff pluss if you ever get tired of using video game voices im actualy a trained actor i've never done voice over befor but hell u just tried a new thing and it turned out preaty F' in good

not bad :)

loved the navi one :) HAY ! :)

Sabtastic responds:


...Good God I hated Navi in LoZ.. :P

Blam it if you must?

Why did you write this? Do you have no self esteem or something? This is AWESOME! =D

Sabtastic responds:

lol! People have been kind of harsh in the Flash portal, from what I gathered, i guess, so I decided not to get my hopes up! XD

Thanks though!!
I appreciate the kind words. :3


It was a good for a start, your certianly getting somewhere.
Your art is wonderful, so im sure if you can get the hang of animating you'll be a super beast in no time.

Good luck with it.

C&C work on smoothness, a few more frames in some places would certainly help.
Your l4d one seemed to have the most to it.

Sabtastic responds:

High frame rates scare me.
They strike me as SO much more work!! .. And probably are.

Thanks for the encouragement!! :D
With such great feedback, I definitely plan to do more.