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Reviews for "Here Goes Nothing!"

I got a kick out of the last one.

Anyway theres one thing that i noticed, when you skip to the one with Zoey you dont hear the knocking on the window, not a big prob tho, and good job!!

Sabtastic responds:

Oh shoot. :o
...I wonder why that is. D:

Thanks for telling me!!


loved the various TF2 voices. i miss the game but my comp freezes now when i play it, dunno y. coulda been longer, but of what there is its great. and deserves a whole 5/5 and 10/10

Shows real promise

The coloring and art were great. The animation was limited but with strong artwork that isn't such a bad thing. Obviously this is just a few test pieces, so naturally the next step (if you want to take it) is to tell stories by putting those pieces together.

If you're yet to tell a narrative with a series of pictures and sounds, it can be a lot harder than you think but anyone with your artistic chops probably has a very good head start. Bringing living, breathing, thinking characters to life that will do your bidding is a seriously rewarding hobby and one that I suggest you give a serious try now you have the tools to do so. Start small, see how things go, and best of luck.

Sabtastic responds:

Hey, thanks man!
Very inspiring words coming from such a big Flash celeb here.
I really appreciate it. :)

Hoping to piece together something coherant and entertaining sooner or later, if only just to show my appreciation for all of this encouragement. I've got more ideas kicking around in my head than I can keep track of! D:

Thanks again, and happy holidays! ;)


Heh heh heh. That was nice. Good job.

What's to blam?

That's good enough to stay. I actually glad you submitted something. I hope this paves the way to seeing your characters from your art get animated. That will get you to my favorites list in no time. Good luck and have fun with that tablet!

*runs off with a stick of TNT* Navi: "HEY. Listen!"


PS: The third one was SOOOOO funny! Easily the best!