Reviews for "falcon wing"

good but no !!!

dont like but yet im a good guy il give you 7 points

Not bad

Overall, pretty good. nice graphics, smooth controls, each enemy type felt reasonably unique, and of course the concept itself was very easy to understand. My suggestions:
First off, once the player gets all 3 specials, the game becomes very, very easy. There is almost literally nothing the enemies can do. All the player has to do is keep one special going all the time and (s)he's basically unstoppable. Maybe make the specials more expensive or increase the charge time on them?
Second, a repair "upgrade" is pretty much essential, otherwise there's nothing to spend money on late game and it prevents early game mistakes from becoming game-breakers.
Third: I'd recommend throwing in a few more durable enemies, something that appears less often than the other enemies but can survive at least a few seconds of exposure to a special, just to keep things more challenging. Maybe like a mini-boss? Just a thought. I'm addicted to boss battles.


its good
and addicting
u was rite ^^


For a game that took two days to make, well, damn, it's not half bad.

Otherwise, yes. It is bad.

too easy

once you get the 2nd power up thing, the one where the orbs shoot out in random directions for a couple seconds, the game is too easy. once you have 4 orbs, the game is over. i cleared over 20 million points, and had over 2500 chains by the time i just stopped shooting and let the game kill me, hoping it'd let me submit my score to some degree.

things to add: Scoreboard, Levels perhaps, More Expensive Powerups for later in the game if its going to be that easy. Boss(es)? and some way of replenishing the shields, unless there is one and i just didnt see it.