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Reviews for "Cyberhorde"


I really enjoyed playing through this game.
The diferent dificulty levels presented a big challenge. and Indeed this is a fast paced game.
Almost a great game but missing variation.
Needed upgrades, turrets and maybe some additions to the guns.
I wouldve like to call in airstrikes or friendly aircraft to come in.
Maybe some bosses.
Some revisions for the next game.
I hope you consider a sequel.
good luck

fizzgear responds:

Calling airstrike is cool idea for "upgrade" - will consider for a sequel.

Kind of boring.

It gets really repetitive. Looks like it too you a while though.


It was an entertaining little game, i appreciated the different difficulty levels, though using the same few weapons against the same few robots got a little repetitive in the end.

the quality itself is excellent, only a little more variety would've been better, in weapons, enemies (maybe even turret types) and an additional tune or two wouldn't hurt, i also really enjoyed the fact that i could still blast the bastards while they were trying to retreat.

fizzgear responds:

Thanks for ideas! I will definetely consider turrets for a sequel (possibly buyable friendly ones).


Yeah, this was good, considering it's a simple Space Invaders game. Enjoyed the storyline, although there could have been more to it.

There were enough types of enemies and upgrades for me, and the missions seemed fairly varied, but at the end it was still the same thing; shoot, shoot, shoot, which got repetitive after a while. Also, the auto-fire key was next to useless, you can't charge up the gun (to fire a bigger burst) without disabling it.

Still, this is good fun and kept me well entertained. Nice graphics and gameplay. Add a bit of variation and you'd have a class act.

A fun game with a cool Storyline

It had good graphics,
overall gameplay was good,
stroy was cool, but my biggest problem was it was slow paced.
Anyways good work!

fizzgear responds:

Hey - thanks for feedback, dailyderek! Do you mean it lagged for you or just in general game play was not putting enough challenge?