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Reviews for "Cyberhorde"

I hate fireworks :P

Nice game ... except from two things... first it needs more upgrades ... and second is tha the sounds of the explosion is identical to the sound that the fireworks make... i know tha they ur both suposed to be explosions but personally i fined it out of place ...
p.s sorry for my english ... :P

fizzgear responds:

Yeah - it looks like quite a few people noticed that robots should not explode like fireworks! ;) I selected this sound to make constant explosions fun/lightweight - heavier sounds were more intrusive. Will keep looking for better explosion sounds for sequel!


-Good graphics
-Decent plot
-Large variety of enemies
-Liked the autofire
-The ability to power the ion cannon added a necessity for skill into the mix.
-No upgrade system? The game would have been much improved with an upgrade system, which I was surprised to find it didn't have. Without upgrades, the game gets boring, and I felt that an upgrade system would have held my attention longer.
-The lack of variety in powerups (only five--laser, dual shot, triple shot, rocket, and healing) was disappointing, especially given that there was no upgrade system.

Otherwise, decent game, and I look forward to a sequel (with either a lot more powerups or an upgrade system)

fizzgear responds:

Thanks for detailed review! Will definetely consider upgrade shop for a sequel. Good to hear you liked power ion cannon - I was concerned it is making the game too complex.

looks good

Yeah, i liked the way this looks. Props.

Nice Work

The Game is nice, but the Transporter should not die from a single freindly-fire-shot and it may be "cliped", so that the bot cannot go through it...

fizzgear responds:

Let me think how to address issue of bots going through transport - thanks for raising that. I made transport a bit more durable ;) - it survives a few small shots now. Let me playtest it a bit more and maybe add even more health to it.

Allmost perfect...

Great game but it gets really voring after a while...
Add some bosses, more power ups and maybe a shop so you can upgrade your ship.

fizzgear responds:

Thanks for feedback - I think final boss is not bad, but I agree it takes a while to get to it. ;) Will consider more variaty for a sequel.