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Reviews for "Cyberhorde"

Loved it

To the idiot somewhere below, there is a story line, a good one at that.

Great graphics

Great music.

Great gameplay


Only thing it could have used was upgrades, but it didn't need them : )

fizzgear responds:

Thanks - very encouraging feedback! ;)


This game is sweet the only thing wrong with it is that it caused my clicking finger to hurt D=

fizzgear responds:

You can use "Z" for autofire - will try to make it more visible!

ok game

ok game


Nice graphics, maybe, but no real storyline, no achievements, no upgrades and so on.
Maybe a good game for a 5-minute-break, but nothing really addicting or something

5/10, 2/5


first of all, it lags a lot. try to optimize it next time. also, the first level feels like a last level. i couldn't even get past it. there were too many of them and the gun fires too slowly. and the ability to turn would be nice. as it is, if they get past you you're dead. the graphics were good, i can't say much about the animation because of the lag. i couldn't play for long enough to really listen to the music... this game has a lot of potential, but right now it's crap.

fizzgear responds:

Thanks for feedback - can you please give you machine spec here on in private message. I will try to see what I can do to improve it. Your other comments are well taken for my next game!