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Reviews for "Cyberhorde"

Great game, but . . .

If your were to add a store of some kind with upgrades and a "wave" system instead of jus send them all out then it would be much more fun

fizzgear responds:

Do you mean waves even inside the single level? I'll try it out for the sequel.

Got boring.

Didn't have upgrades and got boring after a few levels. Very repetitive.

Fun and easy..

I didn't play too far into the game but I like the feel of the game so far. The controls are smooth and overall it's easy to jump right into. It was pretty easy though, even the 'bosses' only took one or two shots. Fun game overall.

Fun for a short while.

It was fun for a short while but it got really boring really fast. Along with other people i agree that it wouldve been much better with an upgrade shop.

Upgrades make every game better


...but it needs an upgrade shop and after ten levels, it seems boring...