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Reviews for "Cyberhorde"

It's ok

You could give the possibility of upgrading things, like... attack, def, life, the time you take to charge the powerful ion blast, etc. Also you could make the possiblity of buying an expensive limited attack that brings your "friends" in airplanes, throw some bombs and leave. Those are just ideas, thats my opinion, bye ;D

fizzgear responds:

Thanks for ideas! Now with NG front page chance for sequel are increasing and I am definetely taking notes! ;)


it a nice, fun game. The story itself goes smoth and "endless horde" is just what you need. Upgrades will give more points to game so waiting for next one ...

fizzgear responds:

Thanks for good review and good luck with taking first place in Endless horde on IMPOSSIBLE! ;)

very good game

but hte robots look too much like head crabs....other then that it is a great game.

fizzgear responds:

Yeah - metal is not an easy material to draw well. ;) Maybe for my next game I'll be able to hire a real artist. ;)


The game is a defense interesting game, but as other user said, ur only upgrades are by luck, the game repeates on and on so you can easily get bored, I felt annoyed by the enemies getting better and more powerful and i'm standing with the same ship, maybe getting turrets and vary the enemies strenght and debilities, diferent lasers that you can change

you can do much friend ;)

fizzgear responds:

Agree - for a sequel it will definetely worth to create upgrades. Real challenge will be to balance them nicely.

the scenario..

reminds me of KOTOR2 where the mining robots go crazy

fizzgear responds:

Thanks for associating Cyberhorde with this great game. ;) I have not gave KOTOR2 serious play though when it was released - maybe I should for more inspiration! ;)