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Reviews for "Cyberhorde"

Nice overall

I like this game, very addictive with the missions!
The gameplay keeps me on the mouse and makes me addicted :)

fizzgear responds:

Thanks nicothezulu - I liked your Colorpeas as well, good luck with it!

its ok

would be better if you cold buy weapons or at least upgrade

fizzgear responds:

Thanks - I realize now that upgrade shop is a important thing to give player motivation to continue playing.


This is a pretty good game; I had fun for a while. The robots look like crabs, lol. I liked the upgrades and the different robots. I didn't like the last level (or I think it was the last level) because the ship was in the way of everything, and there was a game over after I killed it by accident, which sucked. I would have liked to try it again.

fizzgear responds:

Thanks for good review - game should have saved your progress, so feel free to try this level! And this is not the last level BTW, it is approximately the middle of the game.

Was kinda fun...

but with the auto fire on all I was really left doing was moving my mouse around, which was kinda balanced by the "reinforcements" that just got in my way.

Without any true reason/need for the those extra allies to be there (since I could solo the armies myself) it didn't really make sense to add them in, except for forcing the player to turn auto-fire off, which wouldn't be a real reason in war.

Some extra features like upgrades or just about anything else to make you want to advance to the next level would be nice.

fizzgear responds:

I am kind of agree with this comment. Original purpose was not to shoot the scout vessels, but then one comment was that they should at least help you a little. ;) So here is what we have now. I'll see how I can balance allies better in a sequel.

Nice game!

Spade Invaders was always a fun game. Combining it with creatures that don't move at such a set motion make it better, and the power-ups adds to the playability. I think the only thing is maybe the spawns like to clutter around, and every now and then one would just get stuck. Otherwise great work!

fizzgear responds:

Thaks Tzu - and your music fits "game won" state very well!