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Reviews for "Cyberhorde"


It was very good i really enjoyed it. It needs a few thing

- A quality change ( low- med- hi ) because it lags when theres too much robots on my pc
-A weapon shop so theres an extra motivation
-A combo system.

But as it is, its a very good game

fizzgear responds:

Yeah - I agree that quality change will help, maybe in next one reduction on explosions will be one of the options.

Not bad but...

Any spiderbots that get through to where you are are guaranteed to hit you, and there's nothing you can do, as Skarmory said. On impossible, that cost me quite a lot. D:

fizzgear responds:

Yeah - agree. Do you guys like mouse-only control in such games or ASDF+mouse is good as well (for a sequel)? Please let me know your thoughts via PM or in reviews.


This game needs a way of dealing with bots that come too close. As is, any spiderbot that gets within the lower part of the screen is basically guaranteed to hit you and there's nothing you can do about it.

fizzgear responds:

Nice thought - maybe sequel will have more "arena-style" control (WASD+mouse).

good... but not great

Ok, I usually like to start with the good: the game is solid. Great graphics and visuals, mouse controls [love any game that uses only the mouse], and the game is challenging yet not impossible [unless you set it to impossible, of course :p].

But, well, it's been said before in some reviews: needs a shop or level system or something. Otherwise, it becomes tedious -really- fast. By what I read in previous reviews, you already know this, so I will spare the details and just agree in the fact that it would help the game a lot to have some form of upgrade system or shop.

Other than that, it is a great, solid game. Good job.

Alot of fun

But like other people have said, it could've used moar weapon shop.

Other than that, i liked every aspect of it, there was a decent mix of enemies and powerups. Also adding friendlies into it was fairly cool too (mebe add an option to 'buy' friendlies if there is a next one?)

I know some people are annoyed that you harm the friendlies if you shoot them, but i liked it. It added at least a tiny bit of strategy.