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Reviews for "Cyberhorde"

great game

i liked it. just a thought though, ho much metal do you think you would need to build a massive robot army like that.

fizzgear responds:

Thanks for playing! Not too much metal though ;) - current best number of robots killed is ~4500. So should be something like 20 kilotonnes. ;)

Pretty good

Pretty good shooter. Graphics are nice, easy to identify what everything is. I'd have to say that except for health power-ups, which are a little too frequent, to be just about right, having to spend some time between weapon upgrades with the regular weapon added a nice hectic element. The lack of a change of background across all the levels got a little hard to look at, but not too much. Most of the enemies are really a non-threat, at least on normal difficulty, except those freakin' rocket bots. The music is not bad, though not memorable. One thing about the controls that seems weird, the z key turns autofire on like a toggle, but hitting it again doesn't turn it off, you have to shoot with the mouse once to stop autofire, seems like an oversight.

fizzgear responds:

Thanks for a catch on autofire - a bit too late to fix now when game is around the net, but will take note to test it works in a sequel.

It was fun.. but..

It started out fun with a sort of story line, It reminded me of "Orbital" but then got WAY too repetitive, It need's an upgrade system and more powerup drops / some sort of way of knowing when your powerup would end. 7/10 for reminding me of a game I used to play.

fizzgear responds:

Thanks for playing! ;)


Well this game....isn't anything new. While its game play is decent, the storyline was bad. While it has decent graphics.....their was nothing to listen to while I am fighting. The constant sound of the gunshots began to grate. Add Some music, better weapons, and more than average storyline, then you'll have a more decent game.

fizzgear responds:

"Add Some music" - hey we definetely have in-game music. Please let me know details of your Flash player/OS if it did not play.

Needs some work

Its an ok game, but some of the parts wore my nerves. For the most part it was ok, but when I had to leave the cloaking bots alone, i kept losing because I kept shooting cloaked megabots that blew the cloak bots up. The final boss was a pain because I felt boxed in with the swams surrounding me. I don't mind not having upgrades, but if you could increase the frequency of power ups, that would help alot.

fizzgear responds:

Hey - thanks for feedback. Will consider more careful balancing for a sequel.