Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"


I liked it alot...just the idea was perfect itself. I have only two questions, will there be a next installment and when will it come out? Once, again awesome job guys(authors)!

Noodle responds:

Another installment is possible.
But I'm not confirming anything, because I'm not sure if I should or not.
Thanks for the support!

Really sweet

This has its own kind of artistic essence to it.
Although the sound clip got a bit redundant I thought it was cool to see how each of you guys interpreted it.
You did a really nice job on this men.

Noodle responds:

Doctor Pain, in da house!


Its very interesting to see how different people can interperate different sounds, good work, and this is definatly a unique flash.

Strange how many people involved aliens :p

Noodle responds:

I noticed that as well.
My original idea involved an alien, but got stuck a few sounds in and restarted. I'm glad I did.
I think some of the sounds like the Guuuaaaaugh (teehee) and the beeps influenced that.
Who am I to judge how the creative mind works though?

this is good

Overall most of the animations were good. I can saftle say that I have never seen anything like this.The only reason im not ging you a ten is because that llalalalalalalalalala noise anoyed the heck out of me.
nice job

Noodle responds:

I think the lalalala was once of my favorites!
It;s result was always hilarious as well.
Home made sound effects for the win!

It's scary me guys T-T

but it's so original I need to say
it's wonderful all the animations that you all make with 10 different sounds :D
see yaa!

Noodle responds:

I believe there were 13 sounds, because I contributed 4 just to add some length to clip :)
Thank you